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Finishing Touches

A lady emailed me the other day asking me how I set my books as, she said, they always sit perfectly in my photos. I replied, giving her the details of my simple method. She soon came back to me, thanking me for the help, as it had worked a treat. It's the sort of question that I often find in my inbox and the type of tips that I'd like to share with you today.

Looking at your work you might see some cuts that are not as accurate as they could be. A little snip here and there to tidy up can improve the overall look. Look at the way your folds are lying. If any are lying awkwardly you can use tweezers to gently pull them straight into place.

Sometimes, depending on the paper quality, your fold may spread. Setting the fold as follows should help.

Put an elastic band, or tie a ribbon tightly, around the book.

Use folded pieces of card in areas where the letters may be a bit ‘loose’

Leave overnight.

Remove elastic band, or ribbon, and card and the book fold should hold in place.

I have found this method to work wonders. Please let me know if you have anything you need help with or if you have tips yourself you'd like to share.

Maria x

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