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How My Book Folding Journey Started


This website is about breathing new life into old books that would normally end up at the landfill site.


Hi, I'm Maria Christensen, I was introduced to Book Folding Christmas 2014 and was immediately hooked. Once I understood how the designs were created my mind, always seeking a challenge, was drawn to producing the patterns myself. With the help of a very dear artist friend of mine, my first pattern, the 'Owl', was created. Nine more patterns quickly followed and my Etsy shop was opened 21 Februry 2015. 


I want to share with you what I've learned and continue to learn about this amazing book art. Amongst other things, I'll post articles on techniques, hints and tips, video tutorials, and share useful links to other sites that I've come across and think you might be interested in. It's also an opportunity for you to catch up with what I'm up to in the world of book folding and hopefully, you'll share your thoughts and ideas too. 



Look forward to catching up with you,

Maria x





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