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3 Halloween Patterns to Raise Your Spirits

It's nearly October and October brings Ghosts, Bats and Pumpkins to our homes. Not for real we hope!

Last year my daughter, who was 10 at the time, said she wanted to have a sugar skull painted on her face, "that sounds amazing" I replied. With some trepidation about my ability to fulfill her wish, I got onto to Google and did some research. Tanya looked puzzled and asked why I was searching for images. I explained that I wasn't sure how to do it. "Oh, that's ok", she said, "I'm going to do it and have designed the skull I want"....Mum off the hook!!!

Here's a pic, I think she did a fab job and much better than my effort would have been.

Anyway I've rambled on again and actually started this post to tell you about the 3 bookfolding patterns I have for you to fold for Halloween.

You can find them on my Etsy shop HERE

Happy Folding

Maria x

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