May 4, 2016

This blog post was originally going to be about the different types of rulers and why some are better than others for book folding. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that it's the accuarcy that a ruler can help us to achieve that's the important thing here, not the ruler itself. So I decided to broaden the subject to include other factors that influence accura...

November 1, 2015



As Promised, here's the seven part tutorial 'A Book Folding Course'.


I put this book folding tutorial together to help people new to book folding get to grips with the basics. Once you have this knowledge it's a very easy craft to get involved with. That's one of the great things about book folding. It's also cheap!


You're likely to have all the tools you need to get started...

October 28, 2015

Just a quick catch up to let you know that I'm currently putting a book folding tutorial together. The course will take you through the whole process of book folding from start to finish. I've split it into seven short lessons so that it'll be easier to dip in and out of and check out a particular subject when you want to.


Lesson One goes right back to basics and looks at the pa...

October 15, 2015

Here's my latest pattern, an inverted heart. The book I used was 23.4cm tall with 375 pages. It took me about 2 hours to make after creating the pattern. You can get the pattern here .

There are two options with this pattern. The first is to create the full heart.  Alternatively, you can choose to 'cut off' the heart at the beginning and end as shown in the photo to the left....

September 4, 2015

 I was recently asked to do a pattern for the cancer awareness ribbon. It was a timely request with Breast Cancer Awareness Day, BIG PINK on 16th October. From a personnal point of view it struct a chord. A close friend of mine was recently diagnosed with having breast cancer and a speedy mastectomy followed due to the agressive nature of the cancer. She is currently recoverin...

September 3, 2015

In this video tutorial I go through the step by step instructions for the Heart and Circles pattern. If you'd like to create this fold and haven't got the pattern yet you can get it here

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